1. Why choose us?
• Yes, because we are one of the BEST ESCORT SERVICES IN TOWN. It’s not our words, it is our clients who trust us a state this.

2. Is it safe to book escorts from my end?
• we are safe and we believe in our client’s safety. Whether its INCALL or OUTCALL ESCORT SERVICE. We ensure that our client’s privacy is maintained to keep the trust and keep the work in a smooth way.

3. Can I get support, If I face any difficulty while booking my dream girl?
• you will get full support for any queries to get things to sort out at the quickest. We have made it easier to book ESCORTS IN KOLKATA through our agency support.

4. Can I book two escorts together as you provide DUO ESCORT SERVICE?
• as we provide the service, it is possible to book two escorts together.

5. What is the specialty of your services?
• We are one of the BEST ESCORT SERVICE IN TOWN. We provide a variety of services and the specialty depends upon the taste and choice of the client. Our main focus remains on how to keep our clients happy.

6. Are you worried that you would have STD?
Like Emma and Jessica many other escorts are in this profession. After coming into this profession our girls go through a proper check-up. You might have heard about this. Sexually Transmitted disease (STDs) are a kind of disease that is transmitted from sexual intercourse (anal, oral, vaginal). There are many other ways one can have STD, such as:
• Not using condoms while intercourse
• Doing intercourse with one or more partners
• Through trading drugs
• When you share needles when injecting drugs into your veins.

7. Do I get escorts all over KOLKATA?
• while booking please mention the place. We do provide ESCORTS FROM ALL OVER KOLKATA.

8. What is the minimum age that you provide escorts for?
• it comes to escorts, the minimum age that we provide escorts at a minimum age for 21, who are HIGHLY INDEPENDENT ESCORTS, HOUSEWIVES, CALL GIRLS, REDHEAD ESCORTS, FOREIGN ESCORTS.

9. Can I find my dream girl in them?
Of course! You can find your dream girl. When you date our BEAUTIFUL ESCORTS, you will find a good connection with them.

10. Where can I find a LOW BUDGET CALL GIRL?
• it comes to budget, we care about you and your pocket that’s why have kept LOW BUDGET CALL GIRLS as well.

11. Do you recommend any profile from the list of ESCORTS that you have?
• you talk about preference, we generally do not recommend anybody. We randomly select a profile who has been marked TOP 5 ESCORTS by our client’s choice or the most visited profile for FOREIGN ESCORTS, INDIAN CALL GIRL, COLLEGE GIRLS, LATINA, BUSTY ESCORTS, LESBIAN ESCORTS.